Paddle Shift Systems

To make use of a MoTeC M1 ECU with Built in Paddle Shift, you will need the necessary paddle shift hardware.
MoTeC has created a paddle shift auxiliary kit which includes most of the required components.

Paddle Shift Systems There are 2 products.


  • Paddle Shift Kit
  • Paddle Shift Parts
  • M1 GPRP upgrade

    This ECU can be configured to run anything from a simple engine to a dual

    Drive-by-Wire, quad cam boosted engine with sequential gearbox and more.

    Configurable Ref/Sync modes accommodate many modern engine

    triggering systems.

    This ECU can also handle many modified road vehicle systems,

    such as air conditioning control, and have four additional definable control outputs.

    ECU Input and Output pin allocations can be user-defined to suit individual requirements and self updating wiring schematics are provided.  

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items